If you mistakingly create your Turnitin Rubric as a Qualitative Rubric it is possible to change it over to a grading rubric providing you have not started marking the assessment or have only marked a small number of assessments.

Change qualitative rubric to a grading rubric

  1. Access your Turnitin assignment inbox from the submission link in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course site.
  2. Click on the Settings (Cog) button.
    Settings button circled
  3. Click on Optional Settings.
    Optional settings circled
  4. Click on Launch Rubric Manager button.
    Launch rubric manager button circled
  5. Click on the menu button.
    Menu button circled
  6. Locate and select your rubric from the menu.
    Desired rubric circled
  7. Click on the menu button again.
    Menu button circled
  8. Select Duplicate this rubric from the menu.
    Duplicate this rubric circled
    Tip: Your rubric will be duplicated and display straight away.
  9. Update the name of the rubric.
    Rubric name circled
  10. Click on the desired Rubric Scoring option eg. Standard rubric (% button).
    Rubric scoring button circled.
  11. Update rubric with desired scoring.
    Rubric scores circled
  12. Click on the Save button.
    Save button circled
  13. Close the Rubric Manager.
  14. Click on the rubric drop-down list and select the updated rubric.
    Rubric drop-down list and select rubric circled
  15. Click on the Submit button to save the changes.
    Submit button circled

Tip: If you had already started marking assessments prior to making the change you will get a warning message that you will need to accept.