Reuse a survey

Surveys can only be used (deployed) once, though you can allow students multiple attempts of the one survey. To use a survey, deploy the survey to a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment) so students can access it and complete it.

Note: Alternative pathways through a survey using branching is not available

Create a new survey

The steps involved in creating a survey are:

1. Create the survey

The first step is to create a survey canvas with information on the survey title, description and instructions. The survey is created in Control Panel > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Surveys tool administration page.

2. Add survey questions

Create new questions or reuse questions from an existing survey.  Refer to the guides on each of the available question types:

Multiple choice

Multiple answer

   Short answer

    Either / Or


3. Deploy a survey

Students cannot access or complete a survey until it is deployed to a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment).  A column to download the results is also automatically created in Grade Centre.

4. View and download results

Download results by going to Full Grade Centre.