Creating a Blackboard assignment in a Content Area (i.e. Assessment) creates a location for students to submit assessment. Students can submit a wide range of file types including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and multimedia files using the Blackboard assignment tool. Students can also submit links to assignments produced online (i.e. a Padlet, website or ePortfolio Collaboration assignment).

Assignments can also be assigned to groups that have already been set up (refer to the Groups tool page). Group assignments only have to be submitted by one member of the group and all members will automatically receive the same mark in Grade Centre (this can be overridden).

4. Due Dates

  1. Check the Due Date checkbox.
  2. Enter the date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the Time Selection Menu.

Note: Students can still submit assignments after the due date, it will be clearly marked as Late and all assignments have a time/date stamp of when they are submitted.

due date