Warning: Prior to adding or editing content in your course you will need to access Studio view. Refer to the Change from Student View to Staff Editing (Studio) View guide for further instructions.

Note: Creating the discussion area only makes it visible in the unit; you have to access your LearnX course by clicking on the View Live Version button then add questions etc to the Discussion Board. For more information, refer to the Publish LearnX content guide.

2. Comment on a Post

Note: You must be viewing the LearnX course in Live before replying to posts.

Note: Ensure you have selected Staff from the View this course as: drop-down menu.

After a student has answered your original post, you can reply to their post.

  1. Click on the Discussion tab.
  2. Click on the required discussion post.

discussion tab selected, discussion post selected

  1. Locate the appropriate post and click on the Add a comment textbox.

add a comment textbox selected

  1. Enter your comment the Add a comment textbox.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

comment added in add a comment textbox, submit button selected

Note: Optionally, after submitting your comment, click on the more icon then select either Edit to edit your comment or Delete to delete your comment.

more icon selected, edit and delete options selected