Recording of Teaching Activities in Equiped Venues

During semesters, only teaching activities flagged for recording in the timetable system will be automatically recorded in Echo360, and only if they are in an Echo360 equipped venues. All central teaching locations are equipped with Echo360.

In each teaching week, the first instance of any repeating lecture activity (e.g. LEC1/01) is set to record by default. Subsequent lectures in the same week, or any other type of teaching activity, are only recorded if set by Timetable Coordinators, or UQ Timetable Services. 

Recording Online Teaching Activities in Zoom (e.g. during lock down) 

For advice on how to publish a Zoom recording to your Blackboard (Learn.UQ) course site refer to the guides Publishing a Zoom recording to Echo360, or Review and Edit a Lecture Recording. You may wish to delete any blank room recordings that may have been recorded during the Week 2  lockdown.

Requesting Recordings in Venues

You can request automatic recordings for any teaching activity scheduled in the timetable including seminars, tutorials and workshops.

To have your sessions set up for recording in Venues

  1. Contact your Timetable Coordinator and
  2. Advise which activities you would like to be recorded.
  3. Your Timetable Coordinator will then either flag those activities for recording (during data collection phase), or
  4. Will contact UQ Timetable Services to advise which activities need to be modified to turn recording on/off.

Adhoc Recordings

For additional recording sessions of non-teaching activities, submit an ITS support request.