Course Site Design and Requesting eLearning Support

1 Mar 2018
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
Thursday 1 March

Course Site Design - New Resource

A new Learn.UQ template and course design guidelines were introduced this semester. The video below walks you through the main design features.

Course Site Design

Are you making the most of Grade Centre?

You can improve the management and security of your grades by eliminating or limiting the use of spreadsheets. Grade Centre can efficiently record assessment results throughout the semester and be used to calculate final grades. Using Grade Centre offers the additional benefit of built-in security with the logging and monitoring of data. The enhanced security has been an important part of investigations and resolving mistakes. Grade Centre functionality includes:

  • Results are automatically transferred from Turnitin, Blackboard assignments, Tests, ePortfolio, Discussion Boards, Blogs and Wikis.
  • Manual entry columns and rubrics allow coordinators to record results from hard copy assessment tasks, exams and oral presentations.
  • MCQ exam results can be uploaded from the output of machine marked papers.
  • Non-standard calculations can be performed using the spreadsheet download and upload capability.
  • Final grades can be calculated using Total and Weighted total columns.
  • Grading Schema can be used to determine the allocation of grades 1 - 7.
  • Migration of final grades to SI-net in the correct format can be performed using the SI-net merge tool (downloads Grade Centre marks to a spreadsheet in the correct format for SI-net upload).
  • Results are automatically returned to students via the My Grades tool. 

 For additional information, refer to the Grade Centre tool page. 

Request eLearning Support

To receive a quick response on your eLearning technical problem, log a job with the UQ Staff eLearning Helpdesk using Alternately you may use the Request Support button available inside Learn.UQ.

Request Support button

To enable a timely response please be sure to include as much information as possible with your request.

Difficulty accessing Lecture Recordings, Turnitin or ePortfolio?

Your browser may block third party cookies by default which can cause issues accessing your lecture recordings, Turnitin or the ePortfolio system. For step-by-step instructions on how to solve this issue, refer to the guide on Enabling Third Party Cookies. Note, if you are concerned about the privacy implications of  enabling all third party cookies refer to the Exception to Third Party Cookies guide. 

Please also consider sending an announcement to your students about this issue with a link to the student guide on Enabling Third Party Cookies. If further support is needed students should be advised to contact Library AskUS Service for assistance.

UQ ePortfolio System - Semester 2, 2018

The UQ ePortfolio system allows students to digitally showcase their work, helping them understand and communicate their employability. The system facilitates tracking student learning and development at course and program level, over time, as well as supporting collaborative, multimodal and reflective assessment practices.

The project team is currently engaging with program leads and course coordinators interested in using the ePortfolio system from the start of Semester 2, 2018 and Semester 1, 2019. To request a meeting to discuss potentials for your course or program, go to the UQ ePortfolio tool page, and choose request to meet. Requests for using UQ ePortfolio in Semester 2, 2018 close 9 March.

eLearning tips

Setting up project groups

The Groups tool can be used to facilitate the organisation of students into project / assessment groups.

Project groups

View Grade Centre by Tutorial Groups

Setting up Smart views of your SI-net tutorial or SI-net practical allow you to easily filter your Grade Centre to speed up the entry of marks or checking of student submissions.

smart views

Weekly Announcements

Associate Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie teaches a large first year Chemistry course of 1500 students. View her tips on using weekly announcements to improve communication in a large course.

Communications in large classes

Weekly Quizzes

In the video below Dr Simone Smala explains how she implemented online weekly quizzes in her course to help engage students with their set readings and prepare for tutorials.

Weekly Quizzes


The eLearning Systems and Support team collaborates with other units to enhance our eLearning capabilities with investigations, evaluations, pilots and acquisitions.

Online Exams

The eLearning team is currently scanning the market for online exam options. Interest in e-Exams has been steadily building across the University, particularly with the successful piloting of one platform by the Faculty of Medicine. More information will be published in this newsletter and on our website as work progresses. Invitations to participate in a pilot will be made available to course coordinators in due course. 

Compliance Training Platform

The eLearning team is currently scanning the market for a suitable home for our corporate eLearning solutions that include induction-style courses, such as OHS and other compliance training.


Custom Workshops for Teaching Staff, Tutors and Professional Staff

Custom workshops on centrally supported eLearning tools are available on request for faculties, schools and/or courses. Laptops are provided for the sessions. Course coordinators need only to book a meeting room and organise attendance. Contact with details of the preferred date, time, room booking and approximate numbers. Popular workshop options include:

  • Turnitin Online Marking for Tutors
  • Blackboard Group Assignments Online Marking for Tutors
  • ePortfolio Online Marking for Tutors
  • UQ Active Learning tools for Tutors
  • Learn.UQ Grade Centre

ITaLI Workshops

Request Support

If you are having an eLearning technical problem, you can log a job with the UQ Staff eLearning Helpdesk at the address above. To enable a timely response please be sure to include as much information as possible with your request.