New Learn.UQ template and ePortfolio

12 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas from the eLearning team

This is our last eLearning update for 2017. From all of us at the eLearning Systems and Support team we hope that you have a joyful and festive break. Our next eLearning update will go out Tuesday 2 January 2018.

New Learn.UQ template for Semester 1

Semester 1 2018 Blackboard course templates will include a new layout and embedded help sections. The layout is a result of a year-long process of data collection and consultation by the UQ TELSC Working Party on Best Practice for Online Learning Delivery. The most important thing that students want from Learn.UQ is a standard layout so they can navigate easily. 

The Office of the DVC(A) is providing $30,000 to each Faculty to help support the migration of course sites to the new template. For more information, please refer to the Learn.UQ Migration Project webpage.

For an overview of the new template, view the Learn.UQ template video.

Start of Semester course availability

Blackboard course sites now need to be available to students at least one week prior to the first teaching activity, with at least a welcome message. Full online course presence is required before the first teaching activity. Refer to the Minimum Presence in Blackboard policy 3.80.01 for more information.

A reminder that Semester 1 will start a week early in 2018 due to timing of holidays around the Commonwealth Games. So your course will need to be made available the week starting 12 February 2018. 

Activation is the coordinator’s responsibility, refer to the Course Availability guide for step-by-step instructions or view the video guide.

ePortfolio collaboration tool pilot 2018

The eLearning team are requesting volunteers to pilot the collaborative functionality available in the UQ ePortfolio system, in their course, in 2018. The ePortfolio collaboration tool provides students with a shared workspace to build portfolios, conduct discussions and document project tasks. The ePortfolio collaboration tool can be used as an alternative to the Blackboard blog or wiki tool.

To find out more about the UQ ePortfolio collaboration tool, request a meeting on the UQ ePortfolio webpage to talk through the potentials within your course.


The UQ ePortfolio can help embed employability into your course or Program. The UQ ePortfolio provides a means for students to collate, curate and showcase the work that they’ve created during their studies, as well as capturing their extra-curricular experiences, to enhance student employability. Students can create custom ePortfolios to reflect on experiences, address accreditation requirements, or to target selection criteria when seeking employment. Their ePortfolios can then be published as personal web-pages to showcase the student as a developing professional practitioner. If you would like to find out more about using the UQ ePortfolio to enhance student employability, please visit the UQ ePortfolio eLearning page for additional information or to request a meeting.

Multimodal assessment

The UQ ePortfolio has effective tools for assessing a variety of assessment forms. This includes assessing audio and video submissions with time-coded comments, and TurnItIn integration for student document uploads. A range of form options are also available to scaffold student responses. Students can use the simple web-editor to populate their ePortfolio webpages with text, images, hyperlinks and video, to enable a rich array of assessment forms. These can then all be assessed through a standard rubric format, ensuring a consistent assessment experience regardless of the chosen assessment format. For further information, or to request a meeting, please visit the UQ ePortfolio eLearning page.

Work Integrated Learning

The UQ ePortfolio offers a streamlined approach to collecting assessment information while students are on a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement. Students can use the UQ ePortfolio to collect evidence of their activities and learnings while on placement, and to act as a platform for reflection, while providing a robust assessment environment for external preceptors, supervisors and mentors to record student progress. If you’re interested in exploring using the ePortfolio for Work Integrated Learning, visit the UQ ePortfolio eLearning page for further information, or to request a meeting to discuss options in greater detail.

2018 ePortfolios Australia Forum in Brisbane

The 2018 ePortfolios Australia Forum will be held at Griffith University on the 3 & 4 October 2018. The forum presents a wonderful opportunity for collegial discussions and resource-sharing. The conference is of particular relevance to those engaged in the areas of employability, WILs and showcasing the student academic and extra-curricular experience. For further information on previous ePortfolio Australia Forums, or to register for updates, please visit ePortfolios Australia. If you are interested in Work Integrated Learning, you may also wish to explore the 2018 ACEN Conference which is also in Brisbane next year.


UTEACH is provided by ITaLI for the UQ community to offer support for their teaching and learning. If you are considering changing your curriculum, its delivery or assessment, evaluating your teaching or perhaps even educational research then get in contact through the ITaLI UTEACH website. Assistance is available on a range of pedagogical, teaching professional development, evaluations, learning analytics and online learning development activities.

Custom workshops for teaching staff, tutors and professional staff

Custom workshops on centrally supported eLearning tools are available on request for faculties, schools and/or courses. Laptops are provided for the sessions and course coordinators only need to book a meeting room. Contact with details of the preferred date, time, room booking and approximate numbers.

Learn.UQ template overview

The Learn.UQ course template now include a new layout and embedded help sections. Watch the video for a walkthrough on the features of the new template. (11:42mins)

Note: 2018 eLearning workshops

eLearning workshops for 2018 will be published on the Staff Development / Teaching and Learning Technologies website as of 2 January 2018. These workshops will be advertised for registration in our Tuesday 2 January eLearning update.