Note: If you are the course coordinator, you are enrolled in the UQ Extend course site as an Instructor and can follow from Step 7 to download data from your course.

Note: If a colleague requires access to Data Download, the course coordinator enrolled as an Instructor needs to provide them with access.

  1. In your UQ Extend course site, click on the Instructor tab.
  2. Click on the Membership tab.

instructor tab selected, membership tab selected

  1. Navigate to the Course Team Management section.
  2. Select Course Data Researcher from the Select a course team role: drop-down menu.

course team membership section, course data research option selected

  1. Enter the colleague's UQ email address or UQ username in the Enter username or email textbox.
  2. Click on the Add Course Data Researcher button.

uq username in textbox selected, add course data researcher button selected

  1. Click on the Data Download tab.
  2. Click on the require button for the information you would like to download.

membership tab selected

  1. When complete, click on the required file link in the Reports Available for Download section.

file links selected in reports available for download section

  1. Save the spreadsheet to your harddrive.