HTML Components enable you to share documents or provide instructions for students.

For more information on how to upload and embed or link files in HTML components, consult the Upload and embed/link a file in HTML Component for more information.

Warning: Prior to adding or editing content in your course, you will need to access Studio view. Refer to the Change from Student View to Staff Editing (Studio) View guide for further instructions.

    2. Create HTML Text with Link

    Note: This can be done in conjunction with the step Create HTML Text and/or Create HTML Text with Image.

    1. In your unit, click on the HTML button.

    html button selected

    1. Click on Text.

    text option selected

    1. Click on Edit.

    edit button selected

    1. Enter your text in the textbox.
    2. Highlight a section of text then click on the Insert/edit link icon.

    text highlighted and selected, insert/edit link icon selected

    1. Paste or type the link in the Url textbox.
    2. Ensure the Text to display is your highlighted text.

    url textbox selected, text to display textbox selected

    1. Select New window from the Target drop-down menu.

    new window option selected from target drop-down menu

    1. Click on the OK button.

    Note: In order to edit the hyperlink i.e. replace existing link with a new link, repeat Step 3 to 9.

    1. Click on the Save button.

    save button selected

    Delete a Link in Unit

    1. Locate your HTML text and click on Edit.

    edit button selected

    1. Highlight the text with the link then select the Remove link icon.
    2. Click on the Save button.

    remove link icon selected, save button selected