Warning: There is a known issue where Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Graders will not be able to check graded files via the links created in the comments or Feedback to Learner section once they have been uploaded back into the Grade Centre. This does not affect the student accessing the file for feedback when the Grade Centre column is made available to students.

Note: This tool will not be available from January 2024. This UQ developed tool is based on Blackboard Building Block technology that will decommissioned by the vendor in December 2023. Please email projects@elearning.uq.edu.au if you have any queries.

Enable Assignment File Upload Tool

Refer to the Enable the Assignment File Upload Tool to enable this tool.

Download Turnitin Assignments in Bulk

Refer to the Download Turnitin Submitted Assignments guide for instructions on downloading Turnitin Assignments

Warning: Do not rename any of the files within the folder as the naming conventions are used to automatically assign the grades to each student in Grade Centre.

Extracted folder showing example assignments circled

Upload Marked Turnitin Assignments in Bulk

Warning: If two students in your course have the same first and last names, feedback for both students must be uploaded separately.

  1. Upon completion of marking, right-click on the extracted folder, select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

Folder circled with right click pop menu shown. Send to circled and compressed (Zipped) folder circled.

  1. Return to Full Grade Centre in Learn.UQ (Blackboard).
  2. Hover over Manage then select Upload multiple files.

Grade Centre with Manage and Assignment File Upload from the drop down list circled.

  1. For Select Assignment, select the drop down menu then select the appropriate Turnitin assignment name.

Gradebook detail section with the select assignment drop down box and the desired assignment circled.

  1. For Assignment Type, select the drop-down menu then select Turnitin Assignment.

Gradebook detail with assignment type drop down book and Turnitin assignment circled.

  1. For Attach File, select the Choose File button.

Attach file section with the choose file button circled.

  1. Select and upload the newly created zip file (Refer to Step 1 for more information).

File open window with desired file and open button circled.

  1. Check the Overwrite File and Overwrite Comments checkboxes.
  2. Select the Submit button.

Upload options section with overwrite files and overwrite comments checkboxes ticked and circled.

  1. Once the details are correct, select the OK button.

Note: If there were any students in Unmatched Files or Users without matched files, it means either: the student did not submit their assignment or there has been an issue with uploading and attaching the file (Do not rename any of the files within the folder as the naming conventions are used to automatically assign the grades to each student in Grade Centre). If any students’ names appeared in Matched Files, it means the student has submitted their assignment and the marked assignment has been uploaded correctly. Other files in the zip folder should be ignored.

Result screen with OK button circled.