Ready to Teach Week, Semester 1 2022

31 Jan 2022

Reminder: Ready to Teach Week (7–11 February)

Ready to Teach Week is fast approaching. View the diverse program and register for a range of activities designed to help staff prepare course materials for the upcoming semester.

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HigherEd Heroes podcast

The latest episode of the Higher Ed Heroes podcast is now available! In this episode, Al and Seb talk to Dr Fabiane Ramos and Dr Laura Roberts about their use of weekly journal writing as a way to help students reflect on course content, to build trusting relationships and to foster a nourishing learning environment.

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Academic integrity

Academic Integrity Modules (AIM)

Please remind students new to UQ or new to a program to complete the compulsory Academic Integrity Modules (AIM), as Part A needs to be completed by 31 March and Part B by 28 May 2022. Students who do not complete the AIM will have their course results withheld and be unable to re-enrol until the modules are completed. Please refer to the AIM regarding the messages students are receiving, as well as the Staff Academic Integrity Modules (SAIM) (UQ staff login required) to learn how you can help make positive changes to the academic integrity culture at UQ.

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Buy, sell, trade file-sharing services

File-sharing services, such as CourseHero, Chegg and Studocu, are commercial enterprises whose websites let students buy, sell or trade academic content. They often portray themselves as cutting-edge and collaborative while offering homework help and study resources. 

The University is concerned that student use of these platforms may result in academic misconduct and asks teaching staff to inform students of relevant advice. You can access a slide deck (PPTX, 1 MB) and notes (PDF, 179.2 KB) to use in class.


Support for teachers

COVID-19 teaching guidance resources

New COVID-19 teaching guidance resources for Semester 1 are now available, including:

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eLearning Systems and Support

The eLearning Systems and Support team are responsible for managing the University’s central eLearning system and providing both teaching and technical advice on eLearning tools. You may find it useful to explore:

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Pedagogical support

ITaLI provides expert leadership, engagement and advocacy in educational innovation, teaching excellence and learning analytics. You may find it useful to explore:

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Faculty and school support

Educational design support is available in schools and faculties. While Learning Designers’ role can vary, they are usually able to assist you with: 

  • Developing online resources to support your face-to-face teaching 
  • Designing and facilitating active learning experiences 
  • Advice on efficient and sustainable approaches to online learning
  • Balancing aesthetic, usability and technical requirements
  • Finding further support across UQ.

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Library services

Support for Staff

The Library offers high quality learning resources for your courses and can work with you to develop your students' information and digital literacy skills. If you would like more details about the available services, visit the Library website or contact your Liaison Librarian.

Support for Students

The Library AskUS service provides information technology support for students. They also offer face-to-face and online technical assistance, provide online Learn.UQ student guides and run workshops for students.

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Top 7 Learn.UQ course site design tips

As we approach Semester 1, check out our Top 7 Learn.UQ course site design tips.

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Grade security tips

The use of a central system, such as Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Grade Centre, improves the security of student grades compared to spreadsheets, due to features like logging and activity monitoring. There are several practical strategies you can employ to improve grades management and security as follows:

1. Follow general computer security guidelines such as using strong passwords.

2. Record reasons for any changes made to marks or grades.

3. Review the history of mark changes, to identify potential manipulations and errors before transferring grades to SI-net.

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UQ ePortfolio system - Semester 2 2022

Looking to design flexible assessment tasks to support students' preferences and capabilities? Interested in linking coursework to employability development? UQ’s ePortfolio system allows student-driven assessment and provides flexible rubric design. With mapping capabilities to a desired outcome framework, students can track their development over time. 

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Computer-generated captions for Kaltura videos

Captioning is a simple way to improve the accessibility of your video content and is recommended when you upload new videos. Research indicates captioning is especially useful for ESL students, but also effective for all students. 

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eLearning workshops

Turnitin Gradescope guides and workshop

Gradescope facilitates the marking of handwritten assessments such as math, chemistry and physics, but can also be used for marking computer software. Register for a workshop to find out more.

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Ed Discussion Board for course Q&A

Use Ed Discussion Board in your courses to provide timely responses to all course-related inquiries in a clear and intuitive interface. Please register for a workshops or view the guides to find out more.

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Setting up for a successful semester workshop

Ensure your semester is successful by setting up a few key items for effective course management. This workshop is aimed at those new to teaching at UQ and is held before Electronic Course Profiles (ECPs) are due. It will cover tips and tricks for how to best use your ECP and Learn.UQ (Blackboard) site to minimise hassle, as well as examples of implementing a communication strategy and managing student expectations.

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Online mini lectures

Kaltura Capture allows staff to produce online lectures that include screen recordings, narration, webcam video and formative quizzes. This can free up your lecture time for a high-value active learning experience. 

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Course sites

Course site design

The online self-assessment tool provides suggestions for improving your particular Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course site as well as guidance on how to implement the changes. The course design exemplar site provides a model for structuring your course for easy navigation for students.

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UQ Extend platform

UQ Extend, the University's new learning content delivery platform based on edX (Edge), is now live with approximately 60 Semester 1 2022 SI-net courses already migrated.

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Impact support trial

The Impact support tool is integrated into Learn.UQ (Blackboard) offering context sensitive help and on-demand resources for staff and students. The tool is being piloted between 24 January and 14 March to assess its potential benefits for inclusion of UQ’s virtual learning environment.

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What's on

eLearning webinars (Zoom)

eLearning workshops (Face-to-Face)

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Other events and courses

Communities of Practice

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