Make you course available; Feedback-rich quizzes; new Date Management tool

25 Jul 2015
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
28 July 2015

Make your course available to students

Remember to make your course available to students as soon as it is ready. This is something the course coordinator has to do, following the instructions below. 

Control Panel > Customisation > Properties > Set Availability and select the Yes radio button. Refer to the Course Availability guide or video for step-by-step instructions.

Not finished setting up your course? Just hide the menu links and create an announcement to welcome your students.

Feedback-rich online quizzes for better student reading

Students in Dr Judith Seaboyer's English literature course prepare for classes by completing feedback-rich online quizzes on their weekly readings. Tutors report "quizzed" classes are engaged, and discussion is focused and sophisticated. Student surveys report increased learning and enjoyment. Watch Video (4:39)

For further information refer to the Tests and Pools guide.

Nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service to receive individual help to implement Blackboard tests.

New Date Management tool

This tool allows course coordinators to change due dates and availability settings for a range of tools on a single page. You can easily reuse tests, Blackboard assignments, blogs, wikis and discussions boards copied from previous semesters. For further information refer to the Date Management guide. 

If you do not wish to reuse an assessment item, you will need to delete it individually, so the column is removed from the Grade Centre.

View your Grade Centre by tutorial group

Speed up the entry of marks into Grade Centre or the checking of assignment submissions by creating Smart Views based on SI-net tutorial / practical groups. Smart views can be used to filter the Grade Centre so only students from a particular group are displayed. Any changes to enrolments in SI-net tutorial / practical groups automatically flow through to your Learn.UQ course. Refer to the Smart Views for SI-net Tutorial / Practical groups guide for step-by-step instructions.

Learn.UQ Basics workshop

This course is an introduction to Learn.UQ, UQ's eLearning management system, and will familiarise participants with the commonly-used functions. Participants will learn how to add course materials, upload videos, manage course files, add announcements, manage users and use discussion boards.

To register for the 4 August workshop visit the Staff Development website.

Turnitin workshop

In this course, participants will be guided through the process of creating a Turnitin assignment, the student assignment submission process and setting up rubrics. Marking assignments online using the GradeMark tool on a computer and offline using the iPad GradeMark app will also be covered. Participants will develop an understanding of the text matching (plagiarism detection) function available in Turnitin, how it can be used as both a formative and summative tool and the basics of interpreting Originality reports.

To register for the 6 August workshop visit the Staff Development website.

eLearning Solutions Service - ELSS

Course Coordinators, would you like:

  • a one-on-one consultation tailoring eLearning solutions for your course?
  • ideas on how to deliver your course more effectively with technology?
  • to save time, improve student engagement, or give better feedback?

         ...then consider the eLearning Solutions Service

The eLearning solutions service is designed to help staff implement the UQ eLearning tools that most successfully solve common teaching and learning problems.  The solutions are based on success stories from UQ academics, who reported significant time savings, improved student engagement, and improved SECATS.

 To make a nomination please follow the steps on the eLearning Solutions Service website.