Engaging students with Padlet, View your Grade Centre by Tutor Group and New Group Peer Assessment tool

7 Mar 2016
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
07 March 2016

Remember to make sure your course is available

Remember to make sure your course is available. This is something the course coordinator has to do, by following the instructions below.

Control Panel > Customisation > Properties > Set Availability and select the Yes radio button. Alternatively refer to the Course Availability guide for step-by-step instructions.

Not finished setting up your course? Just hide the menu links and create an announcement to welcome your students.

Engaging students with Padlet

Dr Arosha Weerakoon discusses how she used Padlet to pose questions in case studies to assess student comprehension and encourage peer feedback. In the video below, Arosha shares her view on the benefits of using Padlets in class. Watch Video (2:40)

For further information refer to the In-class active learning tools guide.

Ordering postgraduate courses

Postgraduate course sites need to be manually requested (years 7+). 
For further information refer to the course request guide. 

Staff work on student accounts

It is important for system integrity that student accounts are not given elevated roles inside courses. If a student is employed as a tutor they must use their staff account for work inside Blackboard, and thus their staff account is the one given an elevated role. Students with elevated roles in offical SI-net courses will be contacted to correct their access.  

Observe UQ's best teachers

The Open Course Scheme is an invitation to UQ staff to visit other teachers' classrooms and observe some of the learning our teachers inspire.

This semester classes are available from all faculties. Opportunities for you observe include: psychology, mathematics, biology, engineering and business analysis. Classes range from small practical sessions to large lectures and flipped-classroom workshops. 

For more information and to book your place visit the Open Course Scheme webpage.

View your Grade Centre by Tutor Group

Speed up the entry of marks into Grade Centre or the checking of assignment submissions by creating Smart Views based on SI-net tutorial / practical groups. Smart views can be used to filter the Grade Centre so only students from a particular group are displayed. Any changes to enrolments in SI-net tutorial / practical groups automatically flow through to your Learn.UQ course. Refer to the Smart Views for SI-net Tutorial / Practical groups guide for step-by-step instructions.

Setting up project groups

The Group tool can be used to facilitate the organisation of students into project groups. There are three group formation options:

1. Self-enrol: The Course Coordinator sets the number of groups and the maximum group number and students select their own group in their Learn.UQ course.

2. Random enrol: The Course Coordinator sets the number of groups or maximum group number and the tool randomly allocates students to a group. Students can check their group membership in their Learn.UQ course.

3. Manual enrol: The Course Coordinator sets up the groups and group memberships. Students can check their group membership in their Learn.UQ course.

For further information refer to the Groups guide.

New Group Peer Assessment tool

The new Learn.UQ Group Peer Assessment tool can be used to allow students to evaluate individual contributions of group members to a group project. This tool could be used formatively to identify dysfunctional groups early in a project and put in place appropriate support strategies.

The tool allows you to set evaluation criteria using Likert questions and also optionally require students to justify their evaluation with a comment. The tool includes features to collect student responses, collated responses, calculate average scores, email non-submitters, facilitate moderation of results and return results to the Grade Centre. If you are interest in implementing this tool in Semester 1, email elearningtraining@uq.edu.au.

    Learn.UQ upgrade - 11/12 July

    In 2016 the Blackboard upgrade will occur on Monday 11 July and Tuesday 12 July, during the main university vacation week and before Semester 2 orientation begins.