This guide provides instructions on how to scan and mark paper bubble sheets using Gradescope.

Note: Use of Gradescope bubble sheets is a UQ centrally supported exam option. 

Note: Gradescope will only work with papers using the Gradescope Bubble Sheet template.

1. Access Gradescope template

Note: This step is not required for centrally supported exams as you may select a Gradescope Bubble Sheet when submitting your exam request.

  1. Click on the UQ Gradescope 200-question bubble sheet template link and download the PDF file.
  2. Print student papers 1 side only for 100 or fewer questions, 2-sided for 101 to 200 questions.

Note: The UQ Gradescope bubble sheet template has different cells in the top table for students to completed when compared to the standard Gradescope bubble sheet template.

Tip: Always download a new copy for each assessment to ensure you have the latest version.

Note:  Turnitin recommends the Bubble Sheets are professionally printed. Staff have also reported no issues with papers printed using a standard UQ printer. It is recommended you test uploading rescanned papers to ensure they work with Gradescope.