Scheduling automatic (recurring) recordings

To have your classes scheduled for automatic recording, please contact your Timetable Coordinator. Activities must be marked for recording in the Syllabus Plus timetable system before they will be automatically scheduled in the Echo360 recording system.

If the recording is not associated with a course code or is a ‘one time’ ad hoc recording, you will need to submit the request manually to have the session recorded. If you need to request this type of recording, please be sure to include the:

  • Course code (or a title if it is not for a course)
  • Date
  • Start and end time
  • Location (building and room number).

Note: The first stream of classes scheduled as a ‘Lecture’ (LECx/01) are recorded by default. Any additional class types (Contact, Tutorial, Practical, Seminar etc.) must be specifically requested for recording through your Timetable Coordinator.

Removing scheduled recordings

If you wish to remove a recurring schedule for an entire class/activity, please speak with your Timetable Coordinator to have the recording status removed from the booking. Once this has been updated in the Syllabus Plus timetabling system, it will automatically be removed from Echo360.

Should you need to remove a single session from a group of recurring recording schedules, please log a request to have the session removed. Please ensure you include the date, time and location (building and room number) of the session.

Changing details for automatic classroom recordings

If your class details have changed (room, start/finish time, dates etc.), these details will need to be passed on to the Timetable Coordinator to have the Syllabus Plus booking information updated. This information will then be updated automatically in the Echo360 recording system.

Checking upcoming scheduled lecture recordings

You can view a list of upcoming recordings in the Lecture Recordings link on the unit’s Blackboard site. If you believe there are recording schedules missing, please speak with your Timetable Coordinator to confirm that the activities have been scheduled and marked for recording in the Syllabus Plus timetabling system in the first instance.

Recordings not appearing on the unit Blackboard site

If your lecture recordings do not appear under your ‘Lecture_Recordings’ link on a unit’s Blackboard site, please first ensure that your unit site has been linked to the correct Echo section. To do this; open the ‘Lecture_Recordings’ link from the Learning Resources content area and make sure the heading at the top of the list corresponds to the correct course code, teaching term and year (for example: MATH2000_STLUC_S1_2019). If the link is showing the incorrect course code or teaching term, please click the ‘Reset LMS Link’ button to the left of the section heading and re-link it to the correct course code/teaching term.

Should you receive a message stating ‘This LMS course is currently linked to multiple Echo360 sections’, you will need to follow the same procedure (minus the ‘Reset LMS Link’ button) and link to the correct section.

Refer to the Add a Course Lecture Recording Link for more information on linking Echo360 content to Blackboard.