If you have chosen to link or embed a H5P object, you will be able to view student results in more detail, including which answers they submitted, through H5P Reports.

Note: If you simply shared the H5P content link, results will not appear in H5P Reports.

Note: The Reports tab will only appear once at least one student has completed the H5P activity.

    1. Go to https://uq.h5p.com. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Access H5P guide. 
    2. Locate and select the H5P object you would like to view reports for. 

    click on link

    1. Select the Reports tab to view the report.

    reports tab

    1. You will then be presented with a list of all students who have completed that H5P object, including their attempt dates/timesFirst Score, Last Score and Best Score
    2. Click on a particular student's name in the User column to view their attempts in more detail.

    click on student

    1. Select a particular attempt in the End Time column to view the student's answers for that attempt.

    student attempts

    1. You will be shown the answers that student submitted for each question. 

    student answers