Naming Conventions

  • All learning objects should be saved with:
    • ​In a Folder with the title [Course Code] Course Title i.e. ECON1020 Introductory Macroeconomics

folder naming conventions

  • Title: [Course Code] [Informative Description] i.e. ECON1020 Risk Group


Sharing Guidelines

  • To provide access to your H5P learning objects to your school colleagues and future course coordinators, share them to the relevant system Faculty/School folder.

Note: Shared H5P learning objects may only be used or copied by other staff. If you need additional staff to have access to edit objects they will need to be added as collaborators. Refer to the Access and create an H5P Object guide.

share in school folder

  • Optionally, you can share your H5P learning object as an exemplar for all UQ staff in the Exemplars/[Tool folder].

share in exemplar folder