Video Guide

Discussion Board - Navigate a discussion board (YouTube, 2m 16s)

Enter a forum

Forums are used to divide your Discussion board into main topics to make it easier to use and navigate i.e. An assignment questions forum and/or a tutorial readings forum.

  1. From the Course Menu select Discussion Board.
  2. Click on the required forum link.

Click on the forum link

View thread

Threads are questions or subtopics. i.e. A thread may be a question on a particular reading at all students answer or a question from a student on an assignment. When creating a forum you set whether student can or cannot create threads.

  1. From the Course Menu select Discussion Board.
  2. Click on the required forum link.
  3. Click on the required thread link.

view thread

Threads -questions/subtopic

Collect threads

The collect button can be used to view the content of multiple threads and their replies (posts) at once.

  1. Check the checkboxes of the threads you want to display OR check the checkbox next to the date column title to select all threads.
  2. Click on the Collect button.

collect threads

Collapse All replies (posts)

  1. Click on the Collapse All button.

Collapse all replies

Expand All replies (posts)

  1. Click on the Expand All button.

Expand all replies

Collapse individual replies (posts)

  1. Hover over the required reply (post).
  2. Click on the Collapse link.

Collapse individuals replies

Expand individual replies (posts)

  • Hover over the required reply (post).
  • Click on the Expand link.

Expand individual replies


The breadcrumbs at the top of the screen can be used to navigate displaying between displaying replies, threads and forums.


Navigate a discussion board thread

When you view the thread page, all discussion board threads, posts and description appear on the one page.

View all Threads in the Forum

  1. Users can navigate from thread to thread without having to return to the main discussion board forum.
  2. Click on the arrow to go to the next or previous thread or the double arrow will take you to the first or last thread.
  3. This area also shows you the number of posts available and how many posts have been read.

View all threads

  1. Hover over the post date for a particular student to view post details and the total number of views.

Post date

Post date

Using the Search and Refresh function

  1. Select the Search button to search for the particular Thread or Forum.

Search and Refresh

  1. Specify your search request by using the drop-down and/or date and time options.
  2. Click on the Go button.  

Readings responses

  1. The Refresh button allows you to update the discussion page.