1. Click on required blog/journal link.

click on blog post

  1. Use the right and left navigation buttons to select the required student.

select post

  1. Alternatively, browse to the required post by clicking on the expand button .

expand mode

  1. Click on the required post link in the index section.

post link

    Mark blog

    1. Enter the mark in the Grade textbox.
    2. Enter student feedback in the Feedback textbox.

    Note: Click on the Add Notes link to enter information that is not viewable by students.

    mark blog

    Spell check (Optional)

    1. Select UK English from the drop down list and click on the Spell check button.

    Text Editor (Optional)

    Optionally you can also enter the mark, feedback and grading notes using the text editor.

    1. Click on the Text Editor button.

    text editor

    1. Click on the Submit button.