Transferring marks to SI-net, Proposed Learn.UQ upgrade date

3 Nov 2015
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
03 November 2015

Innovative Teaching with Technologies Showcase

This Teaching and Learning week session will showcase the variety of innovative approaches to teaching with technologies across UQ including active learning, flipped classrooms, social media and other strategies to support student interaction and engagement. For further information refer to the Innovative Teaching with Technologies Presenters webpage.

Tuesday 3 November, 11am - 1pm,
Learning Innovations Building (17) Rm 202

Transferring marks to SI-net

Coordinators are reminded that there is a SI-net merge tool which allows you to download Grade Centre marks to a spreadsheet in the correct format for upload to SI-net. Refer to the SI-net merge tool guide for step-by-step instructions. 

In-class active learning tools

Thinking of including more active learning activities in your lectures next year? Why not experiment with some tools that can be used to facilitate in-class active learning over summer? 


Wordcloud allows teaching staff to pose short answer questions in class with students being able to enter responses of up to 25 characters. The answers are then collated and displayed at the front of the class as a 'word cloud' for discussion.

Refer to the Getting started with Wordcloud guide for step-by-step instructions. View Dr Chris Campbell's video where she shares her views of the benefits of using Wordcloud.


UQpoll allows teaching staff to pose multiple choice questions in class in their PowerPoint presentation, or on the board, or verbally” – ask the others. Students choose an option via a webpage. Students vote for the option via a webpage. The answers are then displayed in the front of the class as a graph.

Refer to the Getting started with UQpoll guide for step-by-step instructions.


Padlet allows students to submit free text responses to an instructor's questions on a 'virtual wall' (webpage).  The instructor can then select particular answers for discussion.

Refer to the Getting started with Padlet guide for step-by-step instructions. View Dr Cristyn Meath's video where she shares her views of the benefits of using Padlet.

Help for getting started with in-class active learning tools

Course coordinators can nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service by emailing to organise an appointment for help with any of the above mentioned tools. You could also attend the UQ Active learning tools workshop on the 19 November

Proposed Learn.UQ upgrade date 2016

Teaching and Learning Support is seeking feedback on 2016 Blackboard upgrade date options.  Preliminary research indicates that the week starting Monday 11 July would have the lowest impact on teaching activity.  This is a university vacation week - the week before semester 2 orientation begins.  The upgrade requires a 48 hour Blackboard outage.  Feedback is sought from the UQ community regarding the impact of Monday 11 July and Tuesday 12 July.  Please contact Elizabeth Wardrop by emailing

Change to online tests

Students with old or incompatible browsers will no longer be able to attempt Blackboard tests, due to the tests no longer completing successfully in these browsers. Students will be prompted with a yellow warning banner across the top of each page within Learn.UQ with a link to the support guide Browsers not compatible with Blackboard. 

Help UQ Library improve its services - volunteers needed

Academic staff get a FREE Merlo’s coffee and the chance to win a $100 gift card for helping the UQ Library improve its services. Sessions are 30 min (or less) at your office or at the Library. The only requirement is the ability to navigate a website. Contact to participate.

eLearning Solutions Service

Course Coordinators, would you like:

  • a one-on-one consultation tailoring eLearning solutions for your course?
  • ideas on how to deliver your course more effectively with technology?
  • to save time, improve student engagement, or give better feedback?

         ...then consider the eLearning Solutions Service

The eLearning solutions service is designed to help staff implement the UQ eLearning tools that most successfully solve common teaching and learning problems.  The solutions are based on success stories from UQ academics, who reported significant time savings, improved student engagement, and improved SECATS.

For further information refer to the eLearning Solutions Service webpage.