Order your S1 course, ResponseWare and Digital recording pens

17 Nov 2015
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
17 November 2015

Order your Semester 1 course

You can request your Learn.UQ course for Semester 1, 2016 now!

1. Use the online Site Request form located on the Staff tab in Blackboard. This form also allows you to request a copy of course content from a previous semester.


2. Wait for your year 1 to 5 course to be created automatically after you publish your Electronic Course Profile (ECP). In this case, a blank template will be applied to the course and a 'copy' can be requested through the Staff tab mentioned above.

Refer to the Course Request guide for step-by-step instructions.

Transferring marks to SI-net

Coordinators are reminded that there is a SI-net merge tool which allows you to download Grade Centre marks to a spreadsheet in the correct format for upload to SI-net. Refer to the SI-net merge tool guide for step-by-step instructions. Nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service by emailing elearningtraining@uq.edu.au to organise an appointment for help with the SI-net merge tool and setting up your Grade Centre.

Engaging students using ResponseWare 

Dr Tammy Smith discusses how she uses ResponseWare for a course feedback session and clinician symposium with two guest clinicians. She felt that ResponseWare contributed to the learning experience as students had the safety of answering anonymously and could also view each other's responses. Tammy shares her view on the benefits of using ResponseWare. Watch Video (2:03)

For further information refer to the In-class active learning tools web page.  Nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service to receive individual help to implement ResponseWare.

Digital recording pens

A digital recording pen allows you to add audio narration to notes written on specific dot paper. You can transfer the session collected in real-time to the computer and replay it at a later time. This would be useful for working through maths problems and describing annotated hand-drawn diagrams. Students can access these recordings from a web address that you have shared with them in your Learn.UQ course site.

For further information refer to the Desktop recording guide. Nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service to receive individual help to get started using a digital recording pen.

UQ active learning tools workshop

This course will introduce participants to the student response systems UQpoll, Wordcloud and Padlet. Participants will develop their understanding of the different ways the tools can be used to promote active learning in lectures and tutorials. The different questioning techniques and the use of student response systems in a range of disciplines will be explored. Register for the 19 November workshop on the Staff Development site.

Turnitin workshop (Online assignment submission)

In this course, participants will be guided through the process of creating a Turnitin assignment, the student assignment submission process and setting up rubrics. Marking assignments online using the GradeMark tool on a computer and offline using the iPad GradeMark app will also be covered. Register for the 24 November or 9 December workshop on the Staff Development site.