Change to online tests, Padlet, New Survey tool guides

15 Oct 2015
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
15 October 2015

Change to online tests

From 26 October students with old or incompatible browsers will no longer be able to attempt Blackboard tests, due to the tests no longer completing successfully in these browsers. Students will be prompted with a yellow warning banner across the top of each page within Learn.UQ with a link to the support guide Browsers not compatible with Blackboard. 

This is particularly important for tests restricted to a set time of day or invigilated tests run in labs, as students affected by this may be disadvantaged by the need to change their browser before attempting the test. Many students however may be able to simply use an existing alternate browser if available. For all tests and other assessment types within Learn.UQ, it’s recommended you remind students to check compatibility using the Browser Compatibly test on the Welcome Tab.

Engaging students using Padlet

Students in Cristyn Meath's "Decision Making and Reporting for Sustainability" course effectively engaged in group discussions during class by using the in class active learning tool, Padlet. Cristyn shares her view on the benefits of using Padlets. Watch Video (1:59)

For further information refer to the Set up a Padlet wall guide.  Nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service to receive individual help to implement Padlet.

New Survey tool guides

The Survey tool can be used to gather feedback on student satisfaction with course content, organisation and learning activities. The results can be automatically collated. For further information refer to the Surveys guide.

Lecture Recordings - ITaLI

Lecture recording is an incredibly popular technology that provides an opportunity to benefit students’ learning through aiding revision and catching up on missed classes. These benefits can be particularly useful for students who may be disadvantaged in face-to-face classes. 

Since the development of lecture recording technologies, significant research has been undertaken across institutions, cultures, and disciplines exploring the impact of lecture recording on student attendance, satisfaction, and learning. ITaLI has developed a brief occasional paper providing an overview of this research and recommendations for using lecture recording: Questions about: Lecture Recordings

Teaching and Learning Week - 2-6 November

Teaching and Learning Week is an opportunity for the UQ community to celebrate and share innovative and excellent teaching and learning practices that engage and inspire students. The program is designed to provide staff with opportunities to network and discuss teaching and learning in contemporary contexts, and how this impacts on the student experience and outcomes. View the T&L week sessions available.

Kaltura videos and Chrome

The new version of the Chrome browser and Microsoft's recent release of the Edge browser do not support Java plugins. Due to this recent change the Kaltura Screen Recorder tool is not working with these browsers. It is recommend that you use Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer with the Screen Recorder tool.

Flipped Classroom workshop

Thinking about flipping your course? The Flipped Classroom is a student centred method that explores ways to increase active learning and engagement which some educators claim can result in significant gains in learning. If you are interested to know more register for the Wednesday 4 December, Flipped Classroom workshop on the Staff Development site.