This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Gradescope Assignment (Homework / Problem Set) for the submission of students' scanned handwritten assessment. 

11. Add student instructions

It is recommended that you add student instructions in an item. Refer to the Add an Item guide.

It is also recommend that you embed / link the Submit your Gradescope assessment student instructional video. Refer to the Embed a YouTube video guide.

assignment instructions

Sample Instructions


Technical Instructions and support:

To assist your tutor in marking your assignment accurately and promptly, please follow the instructions below when submitting your assignment. 

  1. Save your assignment submission as a single PDF file; to create the file you can type it, write on a digital device, or use a phone app or flat-bed scanner to scan handwritten work.
  2. Make sure that the PDF document is clear and legible, and that each question is clearly labelled with the question number.
  3. For questions you have not attemped, include the question number and a message stating "not attempted", for example "Q5. Not attempted". 
  4. Click on the  assignment submission link to begin your submission. The submission time is recorded when the PDF is uploaded, the final step of matching questions to pages will not make your assignment late.
  5. Assign each question to the correct assignment page (including not attempted questions and the admin question)


Technical issue? Contact the  UQ Library AskUs Team.