Checking for a document's properties via Word Document or Turnitin will enable staff to search for inconsistent properties that may be a contract cheating "flag". 

1. Turnitin

Accessing Turnitin Assignment

  1. In your Learn.UQ course site, from the Control Panel select Course Tools Turnitin Assignments.
  2. Click on the required assignment link.

course tools selected, turnitin assignment selected, required assignment link selected

  1. Locate the required student's assignment and click on either numbers or the pencil icon.

Note: The numbers indicate a student's assignment has been graded while the pencil icon indicates the student's assignment has not been marked yet.

pencil icon and number selected

  1. In the window with the student's assignment, click on the Document Details button.

Note: The information might not be displayed instantaneously and will show a Check back soon to explore the Document Details message. Closing the student's assignment and repeating Steps 3 and 4 should resolve the issue.

document details button selected with file information and language analysis provided

Document Information

The information that can be checked and definitions are as follows:

  • Author Name: The person who created the document. Inconsistent properties include the author not being a student or an administrator.
  • Last Modified By: The person who last saved the document. Inconsistent properties include the author not being student or an administrator.
  • Page Size: The size of the paper in the document. Inconsistent properties can include, but is not limited to, the page size is US Letter instead of A4.
  • Document Created with: The software used to produce the document. Inconsistent properties can include, but ar not limited to, unusual software or non-English versions of software.
  • Fonts: Inconsistent properties can include, but is not limited to, multiple and/or differents fonts as it could indicate text has been copied and pasted from multiple sources.

    Note that it is possible to remove Word document properties. The removal of property information is also a contract cheating "flag" and should be double-checked by downloading the actual document to check the document's properties.