Assessments Overview

The assessment overview graph provides a filtered or unfiltered view of all assessment items based on the mean student result. 

assessment overviews section

Assessment Items

Filtered or unfiltered views of assessment items (mapped from the Blackboard Grade Centre) provide an overview of student performance and may be used to identify student groups that are finding difficulties with content or learning.

Unfiltered View

  1. Hover your mouse over a particular Score group to view a more detailed breakdown.

    hovering on assessment item column

    1. To the right of the graph, a table will display a range of parameters including:
    • Mean: The average student result.
    • Standard Deviation: The measure of how spread out student results are.
    • Range: The difference between the lowest and highest student result.
    • Minimum: The lowest student result. 
    • Maximum: The highest student result. 
    • Total Responses: The total number of student submissions.

    graph table unfiltered

    Filtered View

    1. Hover your mouse over a particular Score group to view a more detailed breakdown.
    2. If a filter has been applied, information about that filtered group will appear in addition to the information about all students.

    filtered graph

    1. Another column titled Values (Filtered) will also be added to the table based on the current filter.

    filtered table data

    Change Score Intervals

    1. Click on the Settings cog, to change the score intervals for that particular assessment item on the graph.

    table settings

    1. Enter a new parameter in the Interval textbox.
    2. Click on the UPDATE ASSESSMENT DATA button to view the changes. 

    update interval parameters