The Filter

You are able to filter data based on one or more independent queries across Course Insights. The filter is available in the Enrolment, Engagment, AssessmentStudents and Student sections.

Create a filter(s)

  1. Select either Match All (which inserts an "and" in between queries) or Match Any (which inserts an "or" in between queries) from the dropdown list. 

match all or any

  1. Select a variable from the Demographic, Enrolment, Engagement or Assessment dropdown list.

variable dropdown

  1. Select an operator from the Operator dropdown list. 

Note: Depending on the variable selected, only certain operators will be available for selection. 

operator dropdown

  1. Select a value from the value dropdown list

Note: Depending on the variable selected, you will have the option to either enter a value (i.e. Blackboard Engagement = "20") in the textbox or select a value (i.e. Tutorial = "Tutorial - T03") from the dropdown list.

value dropdown

OR enter a number in the value textbox.

value textbox

  1. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 to create more complex queries.

Add an Engagement date filter

Note: The date filter is enabled only when an engagement criterion is selected from the eEngagement dropdown list.

  1. To make your engagement query time specific, select a week from the Please select a week dropdown list.

date dropdown

  1. Alternatively, select Choose custom date range from the Please select a week dropdown list.

custom date range

  1. Select the first date in the date range followed by the last date to apply a custom date range.

selecting date range

Apply the filter(s)

Once you are ready to apply the filter, click on the APPLY FILTER button.

filter applied

Remove a filter

Click on the button to remove a particular filter.

remove a filter

Reset the Engagement date filter

Click on the date dropdown and select Reset date filters from the dropdown list.

reset date filter

Reset the entire filter

Click on the RESET FILTER button to reset the filter. 

reset filter

Filter Insights

  1. Click on the FILTER INSIGHTS tab. 

filter insights

  1. Select all attributes you would like considered in this filter from the Attributes to Consider dropdown list. 
  2. Select one attribute to focus on from the Target Attribute dropdown list. 

select attributes

  1. Optionally, click on Advanced Settings to expand the options.
    1. Click and drag the point to change the minimum percentage of students in the filtered group.
    2. Enter the desired number of filter recommendations in the Number of Recommendations textbox.
  2. Click on the GET FILTER RECOMMENDATIONS button. 

advanced settings

  1. The filter recommendations will then be displayed.
  2. Click on the APPLY FILTER button to apply the desired filter recommendation.

apply filter button