Students will sometimes tell their course coordinators they are having a problem with their Learn.UQ course, and they have been told by Library's AskUs service or ITS to get their course coordinator to log a helpdesk job for them.

Learn.UQ help for staff and for students is offered by two different groups. For students, Learn.UQ Help is offered by the Library's AskUs service, and for staff, Learn.UQ help is offered by the eLearning Staff helpdesk, via the ITS Helpdesk.

  • The Library's AskUs customer service staff have access to all Learn.UQ courses as a student, and can help with the types of problems students usually have.
  • The eLearning Staff Helpdesk has a much higher level of access to all Learn.UQ courses, and can refer difficult issues to Technical Support, or the software vendor itself.

When students have a problem that cannot be fixed by the Library's AskUs customer service staff, the student is advised to speak to their course coordinator, who has a much higher level of access to the course than the Library's AskUs customer service staff. If the course coordinator can't see a reason/solution for the problem then they should log a job with the ITS Helpdesk (from where it will be directed to the eLearning Staff helpdesk).

Example problems with reasons/solutions

Student cannot access their Learn.UQ course

  • When a student enrols it can take 2-3 days before their enrolment comes through into the Learn.UQ course from SI-net. Course coordinator can check enrolment in SI-net, and also check the Users in the course:
    (Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users).

Student can't submit a Turnitin assignment

  • If student enrolled after the Turnitin assignment was set up they may not be on Turnitin's list of students. The course coordinator will need to resync the Turnitin roster (refer Roster sync guide).

Student was doing a test that only allows one attempt, and their connection was interrupted/closed

  • Course coordinator can clear the attempt in the Grade Centre by going to the column/cell, clicking on View Grade Details and choosing Clear Attempt.

UQ Library's AskUs service

Student IT Support

Help is provided online via the Library website (chat, email), by telephone, and in-person at any AskUs service point.

AskUs service point locations

  • Architecture and Music Library
  • Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library
  • Herston Health Sciences Library
  • PACE Health Sciences Library
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Library
  • UQ Gatton Library (J.K. Murray Library)
  • UQ/Mater McAuley Library

For more on Student I.T. Help see the library’s web page

eLearning Staff helpdesk contact details - via the ITS Helpdesk: