The use preference page allows you to change your default Turnitin settings. This includes changing the assignment items per page to display to 1000 assignments. This can be beneficial for large classes.

Access Turnitin

  1. From the Control Panel - Course Tools - Turnitin Assignments

click on turnitin assignments

  1. Click on the required submission link.

click on the required submission link

Change your Preferences setting

  1. Click on the Preferences tab.

select the preferences tab

  1. Select the drop down under items per page and select 1000.

items per page

  • Optionally, you can select to change:
    • Default submission type: single file upload, multiple file upload, cut and paste upload, zip file upload.
    • File download format: the original format, PDF format.
    • Show page info: Yes or No.
  1. Click the submit button to save you changes.