Access TurnItIn

  1. Click on the Assessment link in your Learn.UQ course (or another folder where you created your Turnitin assignment).
  2. Click on the required assessment link.

assess turnitin submission

Create Grading Templates

  1. Click on the grey pencil icon for the required student assignment.

pencil button image

  1. Click on the Confirm button to create a grading template. 

grading template message

  1. A Grading Template will be created and the blue pencil icon will be displayed.
  2. Click on the grey pencil icon of each student to create Grading Templates.

Enter feedback

  1. Click on the blue pencil icon of the required student.
  2. Text comments and bubble comments can be added to the Grading Template.
  3. Feedback can also be given using a voice comment, general comment and a rubric.

Note: Refer to individual guides on marking tools for further information.