Access Turnitin

  1. Click on the Assessment link in your Learn.UQ course (or another folder where you created your Turnitin assignment).
  2. Click on the required assessment link.

assess turnitin submission

  1. In the Assignment Inbox click on the Download All button.

downloading options

  1. Downloading Grade Report will allow you to download Excell file with the submission information and grades.

excell report

  1. Downloading GradeMark PDFs will allow you to download marked Turnitin assignments with grades, commets and rubrics used for grading. After clicking on the GradeMarks PDFs from the drop-down list click on the .zip file name

bulk download submission

  1. Enter a File name ​in the text-field.

file name is highilighted

  1. Click on the Save button.

save button is highlighted

  1. Click on the file in the file explorer to select it.
  2. Right-click on the file and select Extract All... from the dropdown.

the extract all option is highlighted

  1. Click on the Extract button.

the extract button is highlighted

  1. The files will be extracted into a folder in the same location as the zip file.