This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Gradescope Assignment (Homework / Problem Set) for the submission of students' scanned handwritten assessment. 

12. Strategies to ensure students assign questions

To ensure students assigned questions to pages to allow for question by question marking the following strategies are recommended. 

  • Embed text and video instructions directly on the submission page, rather than solely providing links,.

  • Emphasise in the Course Profile and other communications to students that question assignment must be done along with uploading a single PDF. 

  • Issuing regular reminders about the process through Blackboard announcements. 

  • Demonstrate the submission process in a lecture or tutorial. 

  • Emphasise to students that the step of assigning questions will not impact their submission time or make their assignment late, i.e. the submission time is when the PDF has been uploaded. 

  • Check which students have not assigned questions and contact them to request this step is completed, i.e. As long as marking has not started on their assignment, students can access their submission to assign questions even after the submission date.