This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Gradescope Assignment (Homework / Problem Set) for the submission of students' scanned handwritten assessment. 

1. Link to Learn.UQ Course

The first time you use Gradescope in a Learn.UQ course you need to link to it within the tool.

Tip: It is recommended that all Gradescope assignment links are added within the Assessment section in the Course Menu. Best practice is to create a folder for all required assessment information. To avoid student confusion, the folder should be given exactly the same name as the assignment title in the Course Profile. Refer the Create a Folder guide.

Link to Learn.UQ Course

  1. Open a Content Area in your Learn.UQ course (i.e. Assessment) and navigate to the required folder.
  2. Click on the Build Content button. 
  3. Select Gradescope Assignment from the drop-down list. 

Build Content - Gradescope Assignment

  1. Select the A new Gradescope course radio button.
  2. Click on the Link Course  button.

A new Gradescope course

  1. Click on the Close button.