You can copy some or all of the comments from one QuickMark set (including the stand built-in QuickMark sets) and add them to another QuickMark set.

Tip: Combine all you favourite comments into the one set so you do not have to swap between QuickMark sets when marking.

Tip: Combine the QuickMark sets of all your teaching staff.

  • Have all your teaching staff export their QuickMark sets.
  • Have one staff member import them all into a course.
  • Combine the comments into the one QuickMark set
  • Export the combined QuickMark set to share with other staff. (refer Download/Upload QuickMark Sets guide).

Adding comments from other QuickMark sets

  1. Click on the QuickMark icon.
  2. From the QuickMarks side panel, click on the cog button.

select quickmark manager

  1. Click on the page drop down and select the set you want to add comments from. 

click on the page drop down

  1. Select the comments you wish to copy.
  2. Click on the Add to set button.
  3. Select the set you wish to add the QuickMarks to from the drop down list.

click add to set

Refer to the Download/Upload a QuickMark set guide to share your QuickMark sets.