Though assignments can be accessed through Grade Centre it strongly recommended that you access assignments directly through TurnItIn. This is to ensure that you mark the latest submitted assignment.

Access TurnItIn

  1. From Control Panel select from Course Tools > TurnItIn Assignments.

  1. Click on the required assignment link.

Access a student assignment (GradeMark)

  1. Click on the Roster Sync link to ensure the class list is up to date.
  2. Click on the (pencil) icon of the required student. OR

click on roster sync

Access GradeMark and the Originality Report

  1. Click on the layers button to enable viewing of Grading and/or Similarity. 

click on the layers

Change the size of the text

  1. Click on the zoom slider and drag until text is the required size.

Enable page navigation

  1. Click on the Toggle page navigation button.
  2. To lock your page view navigation click on the lock button.

 click on lock

Navigate student assignments

  1. Click on the previous arrow button and next arrow button to navigate between student assignments. OR
  2. Click on the Paper drop down list and select the required student.

click on arrow

Return to your Blackboard course

  1. Close the Feedback Studio window by clicking on the cross button. 

click on cross

  1. Click on the Home button to return to your Learn.UQ course.

click on home button