Quiz questions can be inserted at various points throughout your videos stored in My Media. When others view your interactive quiz, the video will pause at specified points and prompt the viewer to answer a quiz question. You can choose to display a final quiz score at the end of the interactive video quiz. 

Creating a Kaltura Video Quiz is optional and should only be used for formative assessment.

Appropriate settings for a Kaltura Video Quiz are detailed, along with how to create the four question types (Multiple Choice Question, True/False Question, Open-Ended Question and Reflection Point), adding in an optional Hints and Rationale, moving questions and how to save the Kaltura Video Quiz.

Note: Not all question types are compulsory and adding Hints and Rationales are optional to the question types they are available to.

Note: Kaltura Video Quizzes are unable to be downloaded. Instead, they should be shared in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course site. For more information, refer to the Publishing a Video Quiz guide.To upload a video to My Media refer to My Media guide.

Note: Inserting a Kaltura Video Quiz will allow the results to be transferred to Grade Centre.

Note: To use Kaltura on campus you must be logged into the UQ Internet Quota System. i.e. Enter any external website address into your browser, enter your UQ user name and password and click continue.


1. Create and Edit Video Quiz Settings

Video Guide

Kaltura Capture - Create Video Quiz's Settings (YouTube 2m 32s)

Access Kaltura Video Quiz

Note: You can create a quiz while editing the recording. Refer to the guide on Kaltura Capture - Editing for more information.

Note: To edit the Kaltura Video Quiz, complete Step 1 to Step 5 then select the Quiz icon. If the settings need to be amended, refer to the Details, Scores and/or Experience sections.

Note: There is no save button to save the settings; instead, click on the Done button.

    1. Login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard)
    2. Click on the Institution Page.

    Institution page circled

    1. Select My Media from the Useful links section.

    My media circled


    1. Click on your video.

    video selected

    1. Click on the ACTIONS button.
    2. Select Launch Editor from the drop-down menu.

    actions button selected, launch editor options selected

    Video Quiz Settings

    1. Click on the Quiz icon
    2. Click on the Start button.

    quiz icon selected, start button selected

    Note: All settings are automatically saved and to start with the default settings, click on the Revert to defaults button.


    1. Click on Details.
    2. Enter a quiz name in the Quiz Name textbox.
    3. Optionally, check the Show Welcome Message checkbox.
    4. Optionally, enter a message in the Welcome Message textbox.

    Note: You cannot enter a message in the Welcome Message textbox if the Show Welcome Message checkbox is unchecked.

    details selected, quiz name textbox selected, show welcome message checkbox checked, welcome message textbox selected

    1. Uncheck the Allow Download of Questions List.

    allow download of questions list checkbox unchecked


    1. Click on Scores.
    2. Check the Allow Multiple Attempts checkbox.
    3. Change the attempts students can complete in the Number of attempts (2-100) textbox.

    Note: The minimum number of attempts is 2 while the maximum is 100. Set the number of attempts based on learning outcomes.

    1. Select the appropriate quiz score retention option in the Quiz Score to Keep drop-down menu.

    scores selected, allow multiple attempts checkbox checked, number of attempts (2-100) textbox selected, quiz score to keep drop-down menu selected with option highest score selected

    1. Select the Show Scores radio button.
    2. Check the Include Answers checkbox.

    show scores radio button selected, include answer checkbox checked


    1. Click on Experience.
    2. Check the Allow Answers Change checkbox.

    experience selected, allow answers change checkbox chcked

    1. Select the Do not Allow Skip radio button.
    2. Check the No seeking forward checkbox.
    3. Optionally, enter alert text in the Alert Text textbox.

    do not allow skip radio button selected, no seeking forward checkbox checked, alter text textbox selected