Adding Captions

Kaltura Capture allows you to add captions to recordings via My Media once it has been uploaded.

  1. Login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard)
  2. Select the My Media link.

my media circled in blackboard

  1. Click on the video link or thumbnail that you would like to order captions for.

video link and thumbnail circled

  1. Click on the Actions button.
  2. Select Order Captions from the drop-down menu.

actions button circled then order captions option circled

  1. Select English from the Source Media Language drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the Order Captions button.

source media language set to English and order captions button circled

  1. Check on the Caption Request status by clicking on the Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media link.
  2. The Status displays what stage the Caption Request is currently at.

refresh link circled and status is circled.

  1. The video's Status will display as COMPLETE once enough time has elapsed and the refresh link is clicked.

Note: Longer video's Caption Request might take longer to process.

status of caption request is complete

Editing Captions

After captions have been ordered, it is recommended you watch the video to see if the captions are accurate. In the event they are not, you can edit them. See the next section, Upload Manually-Created Script, for more information on how to upload pre-made scripts to your video.

  1. In My Media, select the video link or thumbnail that you would like to edit captions for.

video link and thumbnail circled

  1. Click on the Actions button.
  2. Select Caption Requests from the drop-down menu.

actions button circled then caption requests option circled

  1. Click on the Edit button.

edit button circled in caption requests section

  1. In the new screen, the left section displays the captions in the order that it appears in the video. Click on a captions box to turn it yellow and a timestamp will appear on where it appears in the video.

Note: Doing so will show a preview of that section in the video preview.

caption box highlighted and the timestamp on where it appears is circled

  1. In the middle section, you can edit the captions to make it more accurate by highlighting the text and amending it.

Note: This will also show the duration of the captioned section in the green bar.

changing captions by typing into box

  1. After amending a caption, it is recommended that you Save your work.

Save button circled

  1. Once all captions have been amended, select Approve.

approve button circled

Tip: Watch the video again to ensure captions are accurate.

Upload Manually-Created Script

Use this option only if you want to upload a manually-created script to your recording.

  1. Access My Media via Blackboard.

my media link in learn.uq welcome page

  1. Select the video that you would like to upload the manuallty-created script for.

Note: Do not select the Edit button as it does not include the function to add captions.

video link and thumbnail circled

  1. Select Actions, then Edit.

actions selected, the edit selected

  1. Select Captions then the Upload captions file button.

captions selected, then upload captions file selected

  1. In Select a file:, select the Browse… button.

in select a file section, browse button selected

  1. Select the required file then select Open.

Note: The required file must be in SRT format.

in downloads folder of harddrive, test cap text file selected, open button selected

  1. Select English from the Language drop-down menu.
  2. In Label, type in the name of the transcript.
  3. Select Save.

in language drop-down menu, english is selected. Label is titled Transcript (English), save button selected

  1. .Once uploaded, the caption information is now visible along with the Actions:
    1. Set as Default: Select if there are more than one caption files from the list and that caption will appear as the default.
      • Note: The default caption will have a black tick under Actions.
    2. Edit: Select if you would like to edit the caption file.
      • Note: If changes were made, the save icon under Actions needs to be selected.
    3. Delete: Select if you would like to delete the captions file.
    4. Download: Select if you would like to download the captions file as an SRT file.

 download icon