Can I continue to use Kaltura during 2024?  

Teaching staff can continue to use Kaltura throughout Semester 1 - 2024 for desktop recording, however, you are strongly encouraged to start adopting  Echo360. Kaltura will not be available in Learn.UQ for embedding videos and student video assignment submissions from 3 June 2024. 

Will I lose my access to my videos? 

No, you can access your videos from your Echo account

When the videos are moved, do I need to manually re-embed them in my courses? 

The Echo vendor will automatically re-embed Kaltura videos in your Learn.UQ courses. No action is required from the video owners’ side and no downtime is expected. Videos in UQ Extend and Articulate courses will need to be re-embedded manually.

How will students with extensions submit their videos after 3 June 2024?

If the students are submitting through a Blackboard assignment submission link, Course Coordinators will need to post an announcement/send an email to the students with late submissions. Below is a sample text:
Dear students,
If you are recording and submitting your video for Assignment XXX after 3 June 2024, you will need to use Echo360. The guides below will assist you in the process:

Kind regards,

If the students are submitting through a Media Gallery, the course coordinators will need to create a Blackboard Assignment submission link, inform the students with late submissions to submit to that link and include the student guides above.

How can students share their videos with other students?

A new Folder functionality (similar to Kaltura's Media Gallery) is anticipated to be introduced to EchoVideo by the middle of 2024. This will allow students to upload and critique each others' video content within a shared location inside the Echo360 platform itself, which can then be linked to inside the Learn.UQ course. In the interim, students are encouraged to utilise the Learn.UQ Discussion Board functionality and link directly to their videos that have been uploaded into their personal Echo360 library. For step-by-step instructions please refer to Share student submission videos in Echo360 guide.

Will there be PD on using Echo? 

There are guides available for staff and students. If you would like a custom workshop/presentation for your school or faculty, please email eLearning Advisers at   

What if my Kaltura Video seems to be missing? 

Please try to locate your video in the Library of your Echo account If you do not seem to find the required video, please log a job with UQ eLearning Support at

How do I create student assessments in Echo? 

You can create a video assignment that allows for both individual and group submissions using the Blackboard assignment tool. 

  1. Create a Blackboard assignment.
  2. Students submit to the Blackboard assignment and embed their video using the EchoVideo functionality in the text editor.
  3. Mark the video assignment submissions through Grade Centre.

For detailed instructions, please refer to Video Assignments guide.

How will students create new videos and submit their video assignments?

Students will need to use EchoVideo tool for recording videos and submitting assignments

How do I embed a video using Echo?

To embed videos in your Learn.UQ courses please use EchoVideo Deep Linking tool.

What testing was carried out? 

Test migrations: 

  • 100 sample videos in UQ staging environment - April 2024 
  • 1000 sample videos in UQ production environment, covering a range of scenarios, namely: content from old courses; content owned by shared/generic accounts;  student assessment submissions; student-created content (Vlogs etc); content owned by users from various internal email domains (eg.,,,, etc.)  - April 2024  
  • Live (s1 2024) courses - May 2024 
  • Ultra courses - May 2024. 

What is happening to lecture recordings? 

There are no changes to the lecture recordings. 

What will happen to videos with quizzes?

The videos will be migrated without the interactive element - quiz. You will need to re-create the quiz. For instructions, please refer to Create interactive elements in Echo360 (by Echo360).