A Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course can be requested to deliver community or training courses. 

Process for approving a Organisation/non SI-net course

  1. Upon completion of a non SI-net request an email will be forwarded to the Head of your Organisational unit for approval.
  2. Head of the Organisational Unit/delegate receives the request via email.  This email is automatically copied to the requesting staff member.
  3. An “approved and any conditions” or “not approved and the reason” return email is to be sent by the HOU to the address supplied in the request email.  (It is recommended that the email is copied to the requester.)
  4. On receipt of a return email approving the organisation, ITS Blackboard support will setup the organisation and populate it as requested.
  5. The requester is then notified of the creation of this organisation.
  6. On receipt of a “not approved” email, the email will be forwarded to the requester.

    Can quizzes be included in the course?

    Yes, Blackboard includes a test tool and results are stored in the course Grade Centre. (Refer Test, Quizzes and Pools)

    Can results of quizzes be downloaded / extracted?

    Yes, results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. (Refer Download a spreadsheet from the Grade Centre)

    Results can also be uploaded to Workday, but this requires:

    • Agreement from the Team Leader, HRIS Operations in HR Information Systems.
    • A request to ITS (via Helpdesk) to provide the feed to HR. HR then will have to configure the system to accept the data feed.

    Does the course have to be rolled over yearly?

    As per the UQ eLearning Policy, Organisation and non SI-net courses are established with a duration of one academic year. As such, they will need to be rolled over yearly using the Course/Community Site Request Forms.

    Courses need to be rolled over so:

    • The course displays on the Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Welcome page.
    • Old participants are removed from the course (this is especially important for courses with students enrolled).

    Other considerations: