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This is a community of practice (CoP) for immersive technologies including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The primary goal of this CoP is to support teaching, learning and research at UQ related to immersive technologies. The CoP is open to all course coordinators, professional staff and researchers and is intended to enable participants to:

  • Share examples of current practice.
  • Understand how immersive technologies can be applied to teaching and learning.
  • Share and learn about the latest developments in this discipline.
  • Advise the Digital Learning Sub Committee of initiatives that might help the university take appropriate advantage of this emerging field.
  • Network with other practitioners and researchers at UQ.

Administrative Arrangements

This community of practice is led by Dr Jurij Karlovsek from the School of Civil Engineering.

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Case Studies

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Benefits of AR, VR and XR in Education

10 key benefits to VR in education

Bambury, S. (2019). 10 Key Benefits of VR in Education. Retrieved from

29 Oct 2019: Sharing insights and experiences of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality across UQ

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Bernadette Watson, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work
Jessica Tsai, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Bernadette Watson and Jessica Tsai presented on their use of the Microsoft Hololens in combination with the Pearson HoloPatient and HoloHuman applications across Nursing and Dentistry courses.

Associate Professor Mehmet Kizil, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Associate Professor Mehmet Kizil presented on his use of the Virtual Risk Management Training Module that has been developed to assist first-year engineering students in recognising hazards, evaluating risks and implementing appropriate health and safety controls.

Associate Professor Italo Onederra, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
Pablo Riveros, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Associate Professor Italo Onederra and Pablo Riveros presented on their creation of a virtual open pit mine using the 3D Sketchfab platform to assist with student engagement and to help students develop an understanding of complex engineering and mining concepts prior to in-class activities.

Dr Arindam Dey, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Dr Arindam Dey presented on his research into teaching students with English as a second language and special needs using extended reality. He also shared his research into how a user’s cognitive and emotional state might affect teaching and learning with extended reality.

Dr Fred Fialho Leandro Alves Teixeira, School of Architecture

Dr Fred Fialho presented on his use of virtual reality in architecture courses to prepare students for the workplace where these technologies have real-world applications.

Dr Jurij Karlovsek, School of Civil Engineering

Dr Jurij Karlovsek presented on digital teaching work conducted in Semester 2, 2019, by various Civil Engineering Academics. Jurij outlined the use of photogrammetry to facilitate virtual site visits for his students in situations where the actual site may be too dangerous to visit, with restricted access and or no actual access possibilities. In addition, he outlined available 2D and 3D self-assessment tools through ArchiStar Academy that has been used for a conceptual design in a master course to form found canopy for Pinjarra Hills, using point cloud and ground mesh data to avoid trees, existing structures, etc.

Nicholas Wiggins, UQ Library

Nicholas Wiggins presented on the low-cost and practical applications of 3D modelling, 3D printing, and photogrammetry, as well as a range of online resources available which can be used as a starting point.

Upcoming Immersive Reality Events

Digital Domes

UQ will participate at the Digital Dome event on 20-22 March in New Farm Park, as part of the Brisbane Curiocity festival. This will provide UQ with the opportunity to showcase research and teaching methods in the area of Immersive Reality. If you are interested in participating please contact Dr Jurij Karlovsek.

Digital Domes Flyer

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