This tool allows students to submit assignments for self and peer assessment by either uploading files or typing in their answers. Students are randomly allocated a set number of other students’ work to assess using set criteria. Students can enter a mark and feedback for each criteria.

There is a Submission period when students upload or submit their assignments that will be assessed by their peers, and then an Evaluation period when students actually do the peer and/or self assessment.

Creating a Self and Peer assessment in your course is a two step process:

  • Adding the Assessment Question(s)
  • Adding the Review Criteria

The tool has the following limitations:

  • You cannot specify which students peer review which other students’ work. Learn.UQ(Blackboard) randomly assigns the reviewers for each submission.
  • You cannot setup group submissions and reviews.
  • You cannot modify the Submission dates or Evaluation dates once the deadlines have passed.
  • There is no way for late assignments to be peer assessed.
  • Self assessment cannot be completed until after the closed date for assessment submission.

Note: There is also a peer assessment tool available in TurnItIn.