Refer to the PAF assignments – View and moderate results guide for information on the purpose of PAFs, SAPAs and Ratios and how they are calculated.

Moderation is an essential part of the process. Unjustified scores can significantly affect student grades, and can make responding to a student query (or appeal) difficult.

  • Consider limiting the PAF to a maximum of 1.10 to ensure students are not over rewarded for leadership skills within the group compared to other assessment criteria.  If you do this, you will need to include it in your Electronic Course Profile and let the students know.

Note: You will need to cap your PAFs after you have downloaded them via Excel or through Grade Centre.

  • It is recommend that you use a Limit set between 15% and 10% to highlight student scores that may not reflect actual student performance.  This will help you identify those groups where moderation is required.
  • All SAPAs over 1.06 should be checked. If there is no other student who agrees with the student’s self score, it is recommend that you remove the self score. You might find that you are more comfortable with a higher limit (e.g. SAPAs >0.8) but in any case set a limit and apply it consistently across groups.
  • All SAPAs less than 0.94 should be checked. If there is no student who agrees with the student’s self score, we recommend that you remove it.  Again, find a limit that you are comfortable with and apply it consistently across groups.
  • When making a decision as to whether to remove a score from the PAF calculation, take into account all evidence including student comments.
  • Occasionally you will come across a student whose scores are outside your set Limit for all members. Consider removing all the scores given by this student. Often the scores will have a significant but unjustified effect on the PAFs for the entire group.
  • It is recommend that you also check low PAFS to ensure that they are justified.
  • If in doubt, ask another member of your teaching team (or talk to the group themselves).  PAFs can significantly influence student grades depending on the weight of the group task and therefore moderation should always be justifiable.