What is Flip?

Flip (originally named Flipgrid) is an online video-based social learning platform, in which students and teaching staff can record video or audio files. It allows students to see each other online, learn from one another through vlogging, and connect to each other on a socio-emotional level, in their own time. 

The main difference between Flip and other video-based tools in that it allows students and staff to respond to each other’s videos either in a written format or by recording a response video. Teachers can also provide private or open feedback to all student videos.

Why would I use Flip?

An initial popular use case for Flip has been as an ice-breaker activity where students share who they are in their own time to develop a sense of community in an online environment. Flip meets the needs of current social-emotional student engagement as it replicates how students engage with their other social media platforms (Instagram Reels, Snapchat, TikTok); whereby short videos are made to express, create, convey, articulate, and communicate ideas to one another.

The use cases for Flip are endless, from debating, interviewing, mentoring, introducing, all the way to responding to professional placement through video reflections.

From a teacher’s perspective, staff can easily sense a students’ level of comprehension, engagement, and participation as well as provide video feedback more efficiently and authentically.