Voice Only Recording

  1. Plug in the microphone you will be using (if you are not using a microphone built into your computer) before you open Kaltura Capture.
  2. Click on Manage then the cog icon to check your settings.

Note: Refer to the Recording Options and Settings guide for more details.

manage option

  1. In the main interface, click the microphone icon to make it blue and enabled. Click on the down-arrow near the icon then select the appropriate microphone.

microphone icon and list of available microphones

  1. Click on the webcam or screen icons so they are greyed out and disabled.
  2. Click on the Red recording button to begin recording.

Note: It will start recording after 3 seconds and can be cancelled by pressing cancel.

record button and camera icons greyed out

Tip: Clicking on the Red pause button ensures that recordings do not need to be completed in one take. Resume recording by clicking the Red pause button again.

red pause button

  1. Stop recording by clicking on the White stop button then Yes, Stop it.

white stop button and confirmation

  1. The recording entry will appear. Editing must be done via My Media after uploading.

Refer to the Editing guide for more information.

  1. Enter a meaningful title, and/or description and tags for your recording then click Save & Upload to upload it My Media.

Note: Click Save to have the recording in your library in the event you want to make another recording and decide which is preferrable. Click Delete to delete the recording.

recording entry requirements to title, description, tags with save and upload, save and delete options