Kaltura Capture - Recording Options and Settings

Kaltura Capture allows a range of recording combinations but need to be configured in the main interface.

  • Voice-over PowerPoint: record a Multi-Source Presentation (video, screen, audio and voice-over-PowerPoint presentation).
  • Screen: record screen and voice.
  • Screen & Webcam: record screen and video.
  • Webcam: record webcam (with Audio) only.
  • Voice: record Audio only.

Kaltura Capture Library

  1. To access the Library, click on Manage.

manage option in kaltura capture

  1. Click on the file icon to browse through previous recordings.

file icon

  1. Click on Upload to send the recording to My Media or Delete to delete the recording from your library.

upload and delete options in library

Kaltura Capture Recorder Settings

  1. To access Settings, click on Manage.

manage option in kaltura capture

  1. Click on the cog icon to modify settings.

Note: If you make any changes to setting you must click the Save button.

cog icon

  1. Select the 720p radio button for the setting Camera recording quality.

camera recording quality set to 720p

  1. Select the 1080p radio button for the setting Screen recording quality.

screen recording quality to 1080p

Kaltura Capture Information

Click on the information icon to view the following information:

  • Recorder version number.
  • Information about the connected user.
  • Weblink to your recordings in My Media.

information icon