Editing your recording

Kaltura Capture offers basic editing functions following recording which is accessible via My Media once a recording has been uploaded.

  1. Login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard)
  2. Click on the My Media link.

my media link in learn.uq blackboard

  1. Go to the selected video and click on the Edit button.

Note: You may edit and/or enter a title, description and/or tags for your recording if not done so previously before uploading it to My Media.

edit button in my media

  1. Click on Launch Editor to make edits to the recording.

launch editor button

Splitting and Deleting

Splitting refers to removing areas from your recording that are not needed.

  1. Click on an area of the timeline you would like to create the first split then select the split icon from the options in the bottom timeline.

first split location and split icon

Note: If the split was done correctly, click on the Undo icon.

undo icon

However, if an amendment was to be made but was undone, click on the Redo icon.

redo icon

If you would like to edit the recording from the beginning, click on the Reset icon.

reset icon

  1. To create the second split, click on another area of the timeline then select the split icon.

second split on timeline and split icon

Note: Conversely, you can play the recording then pause to find a suitable point in the recording to create a split or further edits.

play option in recording

  1. When multiple splits are created, the selected border area will turn orange.

selected section in timeline has borders turned orange

  1. With the specific section selected in the timeline, click on the delete icon.

delete icon

Fade In and Fade Out

  1. Click on the timeline until the orange border appears.

timeline border turned orange

  1. Click on the Fade In/Out icon.
  2. Type in the amount of seconds you want the Fade In or Fade Out to last.

fade in and fade out icon and typing in the seconds for fade duration

  1. Click outside the Fade In/Out box to save the changes.
  2. The timeline will display where the Fade In and Fade Out is enabled.

fade in and fade out locations on recording timeline

Note: Click on the Undo icon to revert to previous changes if not satisfactory.


Note: Saving the recording by this method will make permanent changes to the recording. Refer to the subsection, Save a Copy for more information on how to save a separate copy that will not make permanent changes to the original recording.

  1. Once editing is completed, click Save.

save button in editing studio

  1. Click on Save again to complete the process.

second save button

Save a Copy

Note: Complete this method if you would like to retain the original unedited recording and also save the newly edited recording.

  1. Click Save a Copy.

save a copy option

  1. Enter a new title for the recording, if necessary, then click Create.

enter new title for recording and create button

  1. The copied recording will appear in My Media.

copied recording in my media