Video Guide

Kaltura Capture - Screen Recording and Drawing (YouTube, 4m 56s)

For additional information, refer to the Screen Recording or Presentations & Lectures guide.

Displaying the Drawing Tool Panel

Kaltura Capture allows you to draw on your screen while in a screen recording mode only.

Tip: It is advised that you pause the recording before accessing the drawing function otherwise the recording will capture you selecting the drawing options.

To launch the drawing tool panel:

  1. Click on the pen icon in the recording interface.

pen icon selected in recording interface

  • Select from the range of options available to begin drawing.

Note: To close the drawing tool panel, click on the pen icon.

drawing tool panel above kaltura capture recording interface

Drawing Tool Panel Functions

drawing tool panel functions

  • Draw: Allows you to draw or write on the screen. Use the size slider to adjust pen size and colour selector to change colour before you draw.
  • Arrow: Click and drag on the screen to add an arrow shape.
  • Text: Click on an area of the screen to type text.
  • Colour selector: Click a colour to select the colour for the pen, arrow or text before you draw or type.
  • Size slider: Click and drag the slider dot to increase/decrease the size of the pen, arrow or text before you draw or type.
  • Cursor: Shows an arrow cursor that is recorded on the screen.
  • Select: Allows you to click and drag drawings, arrows or text.
  • Clear: Clears all drawings, arrows and texts from the screen.

Note: Clearing will not delete the drawings from the final product.

Tip: Whilst the recording is paused, clear your drawings before continuing with recording.

  • Whiteboard: Allows you to open a whiteboard over the desktop recording to draw, create arrows and type text into.