ResponseWare software has been updated to TurningPoint (TP8) from TurningPoint 5. UQ has also moved from a site licence based on student numbers to a licence based on instructor numbers. The new version is compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016 and includes improved reporting features.

Must I update?

Yes, if you wish to use TurningPoint ResponseWare with mobile devices.

How do I update to TurningPoint (TP8)?

To use TurningPoint you will need to complete the steps detailed in the Getting Started with TurningPoint guide. 

Is there a guide available for students?

Yes, there is a TurningPoint student guide available.

Note: The web address for students responses has changed to:

Note: An app is available for free from the Apple app or Google Play store. Students using apps should select the Region East Asia when prompted. We recommend that students uninstall apps downloaded prior to 2017 and reinstall them. 

Can I use my old PowerPoint slides?

Yes, though if you have the old MS version of charts within your document you will be prompted to update them on first use. It is recommended that you save a copy of the original PowerPoint slides. Once a PowerPoint has been updated for use with TurningPoint it cannot be used with TurningPoint 5.

Is TurningPoint available on lectern machines?

Yes, TurningPoint is installed on all lectern machines in central supported teaching spaces.

Warning: Both TurningPoint and TurningPoint 5 (for clicker only users) are installed on machines. 

TurningPoint - Correct version

TurningPoint Cloud icon

TurningPoint 5 - Clicker users only

TurningPoint 5 icon

Can students use both mobile devices and clickers with TurningPoint?

Yes. You will need to use a receiver to cater to clicker users.

Note: Using TurningPoint 5 or TurningPoint with physical clickers is supported at a school / faculty level.

Can users of TurningPoint and TurningPoint 5 share receivers?

No, on the first use of a receiver with TurningPoint you will be prompted to update the receiver software. Once a receiver has been updated for use with TurningPoint it can no longer be used with TurningPoint 5.

Is your receiver compatible with TurningPoint?


Check the code on the back of your receiver:

RRRF01 – NOT compatible, you will need to purchase a new receiver.

RRR02 – NOT compatible, you will need to test your receiver.

RRR03, RRR04 – compatible.

Recommendation: It is strongly recommended that you test the updated software and receiver with a student clicker before your first lecture.

Note: Using TurningPoint 5 or TurningPoint with physical clickers is supported at a school / faculty level.

Where can I purchase a new receiver?

New receivers can be purchased from Keepad Interactive