To access TurningPoint, you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Set up a Turning Technologies account.
  2. Log a job with ITS helpdesk to have your account added to the UQ TurningPoint site licence.
  3. Install the software.

Create your Turning Technologies account

Visit the web address:

  1. Enter your UQ email address.
  2. Select Create an Account.

Create an account

email address

  1. A verification email will be sent to your email account from click on the link in the email (check your Junk folder if it is not received).

Verification email

  1. Enter the required information.

  2. Select Instructor from the Role dropdown list.

  3. Check the Agreement checkbox.

  4. Select a Password for your account by filling in the Password and Confirm Password filed. 

Warning: For security reasons DO NOT use your UQ password for your TurningPoint password.

  1. Click on the Finish button. 

  1. Click on the Finish button.

Finish button

  1. Click on the Proceed button.
  2. Your account will now be created.


Add your account to the UQ site licence

  1.  Log a job with the ITS Helpdesk.
  2. The subject of the email should be: eLearning team – Add account to TurningPoint licence
  3. Include in the UQ email address you used to set up your Turning Technology account.
  4. When your account has been added to the UQ TurningPoint licence, you will receive an email from

Software installation

Note: If you do not have admin access to your computer you will need to log a job with your local desktop support group to have the TurningPoint PC Install version of the software installed.

Download software

  1. Visit the web address
  2. Select the required TurningPoint software.
  • TurningPoint PC Install: Will add a TurningPoint ribbon to PowerPoint. i.e.

TurningPoint Cloud tab

  • TurningPoint No Install Can be used without PowerPoint and save to a USB (to take into lectures).
  • TurningPoint Mac Can be used without PowerPoint and saved to a USB (to take in lectures).

Download software


  1. Complete the Software Download Registration form.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

  1. Click the Download button. 

Download button


  1. Wait for the software to install.

TurningPoint PC No Install / TurningPoint Mac

You may want to copy the software from your Downloads folder to another location.

TurningPoint PC Install version only

  1. Double click the install file in your Download folder and follow the prompts.

  1. Select East Asia as the Region from the dropdown list.

East Asia

Using TurningPoint in UQ teaching spaces

TurningPoint Cloud (TP8) is install on all lectern machine in centrally controlled teaching spaces.

TurningPoint Cloud icon

Warning: Ensure you select the correct version of the software, an older version of the software, TurningPoint 5 is also installed on lectern machines (for use with clickers only).