Video Guide

Getting Started with PadletUQ (YouTube, 7m 30s)

Overview of PadletUQ

UQ has a site licence for Padlet that is available to all staff and students. PadletUQ has additional functionality to the free tool with extra features including privacy setting options, branding and larger file uploads.  

A collaborate student learning experience

During a lecture or tutorial, you may want students to contribute to a Padlet in real-time. 

Students have the ability to Access PadletUQ on a Computer or Access PadletUQ on a Smart Device.

Either method will allow students to Contribute to PadletUQ on a Computer or Contribute to PadletUQ on a Smart Device in real-time to allow for a collaborative learning experience. 

A range of PadletUQ guides have been created for students to make the process simple and to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Access PadletUQ

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the LOG IN WITH MICROSOFT button.

Padlet Login with Microsoft

  1. Enter your UQ email address.

Note: Ensure you enter your email address (i.e. not a email address). 

  1. Click on the Next button.

Padlet sign in

  1. If prompted, sign in with your UQ login and password.

UQ login

  1. Click on the Accept button.

Padlet accept user agreement

  1. Your Padlet homepage will be displayed.

Padlet home page

Edit your Settings

View your settings

  1. Click on your Profile icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.


Upload a profile photo

Click on your Avatar icon and select a new image.

Avatar thumbnail is highlighted

Change your username

Your username is automatically produced by Padlet, but it is possible to change it. Your username will be part of the web address for all of the Padlets you produce, so you may wish to change it to simplify your web addresses. i.e.

  1. Edit your Username.

Username text-field is highlighted with an example UQ username

  1. Your updated web address with your new username will then be displayed.

The full profile URL is highlighted

Change the Language

  1. Click on English (US) 

The English (US) setting is highlighted

  1. Select English (UK) from the drop down list.

The English (UK) setting is selected in the dropdown menu

Update your settings

Click on the UPDATE button to update your new settings.

The update button is highlighted

Turn Off PadletUQ Notifications

Refer to the guide on how to Turn Off PadletUQ Notifications.