Your first announcement may be used to welcome and orientate students to your course. The format could be either text or video. 

Based on PPL 3.80.01 Minimum Presence in Blackboard, course sites (with at least a welcome message) should be made available to students as early as possible, and at least one week prior to the first teaching activity

Welcome message resources

Text Welcome message

To create a welcome message refer to the Add an Announcement guide. To hide links to course content that are not yet ready refer to the Course menu design guide.

Video Welcome message

Phone and Kaltura

  1. You may need to reduce the video quality setting on your phone improve the footage upload time. 
  2. Create an announcement for the welcome message.
  3. Upload the video using the EchoVideo Deep Linking tool in the Text Editor. 
  4. Students will need to login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard) to view the video. i.e. add a message to the announcement such as "If you sign into Blackboard you can watch the welcome video above (sorry, but it won't email out)."